Freeport is a city located far across the Great Sea on the northeast coast of the Wildlands.  It was founded over 75 years ago when the Captain Ellell Cane brought the Black Fleet to settle the Wildlands.  Finding Stormrest Bay a suitable and defensible harbor, she made landfall on the plains along its northwest shores.

The original settlers were an eclectic collection of exiles, heretics, criminals, and refugees forced out of the burgeoning cities of Vexairia during the Third War of Succession.   In the years following its founding, the wealth and danger of the Wildlands has drawn merchants and adventurers alike to Freeport. As a result, the city has grown immensely.  

As of today, Freeport has become one of the largest ports in the known world.  Scarcely a day passes where ships cannot be seen approaching or leaving its great docks.  High walls have been raised along the cities borders to protect its citizens from the more unusual creatures that lurk just beyond, with only the bravest venturing beyond its gates.  

Of note, Freeport has been recognized as a protectorate of Vexairia and is ruled by the magistrate Astrid Cane and a council comprised of the leaders of the city's guilds.


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